The Old Future Is Gone

An Art Exhibition on the Looming Environmental Crisis

Palia Ilektriki Municipal Art Centre of Paphos

Saturday 17 February 2024 - 8 March 2024

11:00 - 18:00

Every Day Except Mondays

How Art Will Affect Change

How Change Will Affect Art

We are entering unchartered territory: Global warming is forcing us to review the way we think and and the way we live. 

It is not so much the gravity of the environmental danger as its nature. Humans have never before faced such a complex and unpredictable problem, where we all, humans and non humans, have been caught in a slow moving loop, circumscribed by an infinite number of actions, which on their own are statistically insignificant, but on a global scale, massively destructive. Now that even diehard deniers are convinced, by direct experience rather than data,  politicians, scientists, international organisations, individuals and society are searching for solutions.


Art will not offer solutions. Art will mediate between different spheres, between science, politics, culture and beliefs, between different groups, between different points of historical time, between the real and the unthinkable, the normal and the uncanny and yes between humans and other species.


Art is thought from the future.


An art work lives in more than one time and one place. Art is the floating net that fades in and out continuously, a sprawling mesh of interconnections, without centre or edge.



And art can estheticize objects, it does not beautify but makes them perceptible through our senses (estheseis),  objects that otherwise would be impossible to even conceive, due to their magnitude and scale, constrained by our anthropocentric limits of perception.


The Old Future Is Gone is an art exhibition that aims to enter the conversation.

Join us in February and March 2024.


More details about the concept here